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Home Karaoke SET

All in one KARAOKE player 

25000 songs collection 

1TB HardDrive 


Multilingual MENU.

 The feature of KHP-8812 HDD karaoke machine:
<KARAOKE SYSTEM> function:
 1. The unit with 1TB SATA hard disk installed ,include total 25000 songs collection(13200 English songs + 12200 Chinese songs .

 2. Support MTV songs files encryption,avoid piracy.
 3. Menu support UNICODE fronts, can display the languages of many countries, include English,Chinese,Traditional,Spanish,Japanese,Karean,Thai,Vietnamese,Russian,Khmer,Myanmar, etc.
 4. Support for playback song format such as VCD( MPEG1/DAT),DVD(MPEG2/VOB), MP3+G,MPEG4(DIVX) etc.
 5. Support for switch the Multi-audio-track of VOB file.Keep Vocal/Muisc status.(Audio A1,A0,C1,C0,81,80)
 6. Easy to operate, Karaoke with songs Reserved ,Insert,Replay and other function Interface clearly.
 7. A variety of ways to select songs:selected by number/by artist/by words/by language,ect.Operation directly and rapidly.
 8. Super songs management tool: use SonglistManager software tool provide by original factory , can easily to create and  manage the E-songlist,Do not be required professional.
 9. Three kinds of way to add songs:1)Can connect the computer with USB2.0, add songs into the hard disk of machine by computer. 2)Also can edit songs in the computer first, then copy the ok song files into U Disk or Mobile Hard Disk, then insert the U Disk or Mobile Hard Disk into the port of machine, operate the remote  control to add the songs into the machine automatically. 3)Also can add song from DVD /VCD/CD+G disc directly.
 10. User can customize the song menu option,easily to program the menu interface used for own operating habits.
 11. Can display score with cheering and applause after each song finished. To enhance entertainment effects.
 12. The function of INSERT COIN with active mode or passive mode ,can meet the customers for commercial purposed.
 13. The function of playback by random.
 14. Has internal microphone Echo, user can plug the Mic directly to singing 
 15. There is IR interface, can extenal remote control receive sensor, it is use for connect with remote control keyboard.

   1. Can use the remote control to browse the movies ,music, picture are stored in hard disk,U disk, mobile HD ,SD card.
   2. Support for multimedia format, as VCD(MPEG1/DAT)/DVD (MPEG2/VOB), MPEG4(DIVX-AVI),MP3,WMA,JPEG etc.
   3. Cycle autoplay function, can for public playing machine, or background music player.


  1. 4 decode, compatible with various discs such as DVD/SVCD/DVCD/VCD/MP3/CD/ CD+G/HDCD/JPG/ALBUM/Mr.OKO etc 
  2. Video output: 
      (1) CVBS interlace scan. 
      (2) Component R,G,B interlace scan or progressive scan. 
      (3) S-Video. interlace scan. 
 3. Audio output: Dolby AC-3 5.1 Audio Channel.
 4. DVD CSS (Content Scrambling System) decoding 
 5. Reserved Analogue power amplifier, X1/4, X1/2, X2, X4 flexible zoom.