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ZT-180 Zenithink 10'2 inch Android Tablet

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ZT-180-102's hardware configuration and performance:
Performance of the hardware configuration described in note
Processor ZT-180
Processor frequency 1GHz
Memory DDR 256MB
Built NandFlash 2G
SD card expansion of storage devices, U disk
LCD Monitor 10.2 "TFT digital screen, 1024 × 600
Internet support built-in Ethernet cards, WIFI wireless Internet access
USB external module supports USB 3G module
  USB camera
I / O port DC In socket
Mic In microphone jack
Earphone headphone jack
RJ45 Ethernet port
SD / MMC card slot
3 Way USB2.0 Host Interface
Keyboard 86 keys QWERT keyboard
Mouse 2.2 "touchpad, USB mouse standard
Audio Built-in stereo speakers 0.5W × 2
Built-in mono recording
System Status LED power indicator
Charge state
Digital Lock
Caps Lock
Scroll Lock
Off a button
Battery 2400mAH, 7.4V Li-ion battery
Life Wifi open: 5 hours
Wifi off: 7 hours
Power adapter 220V Input, 9V DC Output, 2A
Dimensions 278mm × 185mm × 15mm
ZT-180-102's software performance:
Software Performance Description Description
OS WinCE 6.0/Android2.1
Office Office file browser tool Word viewer
Excel Viewer
Powerpoint Viewer
PDF Viewer
Image Viewer
Editing tools Microsoft Wordpad
Microsoft SpreadExcel
Instant messaging software QQ, MSN,
Internet Explorer Internet Explorer
Audio MP3 Player
  WAV playback
  WMA playback
  AAC, AAC + player
  WAV, WMA audio
Video 1080P MP4 Player
  1080P AVI (XVID, H.263, DIVX)
  1080P MKV playback
  1080P 3GP Player
  1080P RMVB, RM Play
Photo JPEG image
GIF Photo
Game Solitaire, Free Solitaire
Remote Desktop Support
Language multi-language support

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