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Phiten X100

Here the HOTTEST

Phiten X100
Size: 50cm 
Color: Black 
Button: Titanium. 
Button in the middle of the decorative parts: stainless steel.
Necklace: Nylon (100 times the concentration of liquid through the titanium dipping). 
Core department(within the necklace): elastomers (the ball with titanium particles)
Malaysia Selling Price :   RM 798
JAPAN Selling Price  :    ¥13,650 (RM500.96 *) 

We selling RM 388 nett
Why so cheap? Because we get the stock in China's factory:)
BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, the effect still the same! Philippines, China, Taiwan and most country's retail also selling this made in China stock!
IF YOU GO BUY AT TAIWAN YOU"LL UNDERSTAND Once payment product will reach doorstep within a month!