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Phiten Racing Evo

Phiten Racing Series!!
This series has been o/s in Malaysia for 1 year!!
And good news, we can get it HERE!!

Racing EVO

Material: Made of Titanium, germanium, magnetic and anion medical silicone
Life expectancy: 20 years of material life
Principle of products: including titanium, germanium, magnetic and negative ion 4 different materials, it overcome completely the shortcomings of single-titanium, single-germanium, single-magnetic and single- negative ions. And it can anti-fatigue and anti-radiation, Efforts to accelerate the activation of shoulder cycle of the Ministry of blood, corrective cervical for 14-22 degrees, provide negative ions, increase air with oxygen and promote sleep.
Features of products:
1>It have good effect for anti-fatigue and anti-radiation, and can effectively eradicate cervical problems
2>Necklace are flexible, convenient, beautiful, fashion and health. Different length, different colors fit to different clothes.
3>Including titanium, germanium, magnetic and negative ions different material, it is good for blood circulation, improving the quality of sleep and immunity, and have a very good effectiveness  for anti-cancer  and  radiation.
4>It is helpful to enhance blood circulation and relax nervous, so that relax the neck and shoulders, ease the physical and mental, Increase the body`s energy transmission and improve strength, endurance and concentration

Malaysia Retail Price : RM 768(n/a since 2008)
JAPAN Retail  Price :  ¥12,600 (RM462.42)

We Selling RM 288 nett
Why so cheap? Because we get the stock in China's factory:)
BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, the effect still the same! Philippines, China, Taiwan and most country's retail also selling this made in China stock!
Once payment product will reach doorstep within a month!